Cultivate Efficiency, Insightand Profits

Take your cannabis business to the next level

Of course we help you meet compliance at every stageof the seed-to-sale process. But we do so much more.In fact, we're transforming the way the cannabis industry purchases technology.

AirMed Cloud Software

AirMed manages and integrates all business resources and functions from facilities and inventories through to financials and personnel. With unique features designed specifically for cannabis growers, processors and distributors, AirMed unifies operations across departments, workflows and data in a single system. A streamlined interface lets you focus on optimizing your business while managing all aspects of compliance.

Growing & Crop Management

Track the growth, development, optimization and yield of your crop throughout the cultivation lifecycle.

Quality Control & Laboratory Information

Effectively manage samples and associated data using dedicated workflows and integrated instruments.

Processing & Manufacturing

Record the processing of batches, lots and strains and the manufacturing of derivatives and brands including labelling and packaging runs.

Sales & Distribution

From warehousing to individual and bulk shipping, track orders, clients and delivery with secure customer relationship management and procedures for returns and recalls.

Staffing & Learning Management

Administer your employees and their data including training, skills and qualifications using our new proprietary learning management system

Reporting & Compliance

Data visualization tools provide insight for quality, yields, sales and profitability for unmatched business intelligence with pre-built compliance reports updated as regulations change.

Ecosystem Hardware

AirMed offers the tools you need in the office, the greenhouse or on the loading dock. Each product selected for the AirMed Ecosystem is carefully chosen based on its ability to provide value, lower production costs and increase competitiveness for AirMed customers. You create the package that’s right for you from pre-configured hardware and software.


We’ve sourced the best desktop and portable barcode and label printers for your cannabis business.


Accurate scales are critical for meeting compliance, so we’ve found suppliers of the most reliable and trustworthy brand names.


Our integrated solution for environmental monitoring has sensors pre-configured to send data to the AirMed Cloud application.


Industrial ruggedized tablets can be pre-configured to capture data throughout your cannabis operations from the office to the greenhouse or the loading dock.


Our versatile pathogen solutions offer sampling and identification for early detection and protection of your crop.

Business Services

We're helping microproducers cultivate success at all stages of their businesses.

Custom Integration

As no two organizations are alike, we provide custom ERP, SMS, accounting system and CRM integration services.

Consulting Services

We’ve partnered with CCI, the premier cannabis compliance consulting service in Canada.

Online Marketplace

Craft Depot provides an online marketplace for micro cultivators to bring their products directly to buyers.

eCommerce & Shipping

Built-in integration in AirMed software lets you sell and ship through industry leading ecommerce and delivery services.

Your Partners in Productivity

We used our expertise in other highly regulated industries to create a mission-critical seed-to-sale solution that facilitates compliance and best practices for your cannabis business. Our dedication to your success results in a partnership approach to our client relationships. This commitment is why there is a growing list of Canadian licensed producers using AirMed. AirMed offers the control, visibility and insight to not only meet compliance but to take your business to the next level. Wherever your business fits in the supply chain, AirMed will help you cultivate success.