To do business in the cannabis industry in Canada, you must meet Canada’s licensing requirements. Currently there are several types of licenses for those wishing to carry out cannabis-related business in Canada.

  1. Standard Cultivation
  2. Micro-cultivation
  3. Nursery
  4. Standard Processing
  5. Micro-processing
  6. Sale
  7. Analytical Testing
  8. Research

Regardless of which class of license you get, you will be responsible for complying with all the regulations that apply from the various levels of government.


The Laws

The Cannabis Act

Formerly called the ACMPR, this act covers all aspects of cannabis in Canada from growing through processing to selling and more. It is the responsibility of the licensee/applicant to understand and meet all the requirements that apply to their business.

Other Federal Acts and Regulations

As a licensee or applicant, you are responsible for complying with requirements of other Canadian acts and regulations such as the Food and Drugs Act (FDA), the Pest Control Products Act, the Fertilizer Act, among others.

The Canada Revenue Agency

You’ll also need to meet requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency depending on which activities will be conducted with cannabis.

Provincial or Territorial Legislation

As a licensee or applicant, you’ll be responsible for complying with all applicable provincial or territorial laws and regulations (environmental laws, for example).

Municipal By-Laws

As well, you’ll need to deal with municipal by-laws such as zoning and building permits.


How can seed-to-sale software help?

From the advent of legal medical marijuana in Canada, legal producers of cannabis have been required to track every seed, plant, gram of waste material, final product, and more. Due to the sheer volume of information, an electronic record-keeping system is the only practical way to manage the process.

The software industry has responded to this need by creating seed-to-sale management software designed to help businesses meet compliance. Seed-to-sale software tracks growth, harvesting, processing, packaging, sales and distribution.

And some seed-to-sale software systems go beyond compliance to help businesses cultivate success with features and functionality to help fine-tune propagation, growth cycles, harvesting, production, derivatives, inventory, staffing, and product sales. AirMed is one of those. Wherever your business fits in the seed-to-sale supply chain, AirMed can help with both legal compliance and business acumen. For a free demo, call 877-313-2442, email info @ or fill out the form on our contact page.


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