Cultivate Compliance

Harmonize and streamline regulatory compliance

Created in Canada to help Canadian licensed producers meet regulatory & financial compliance at all levels of government.

AirMed Compliance Highlights

Designed to meet or exceed all Canadian compliance regulations including the Canada Cannabis Act, AirMed is a better fit for your cannabis business than agro or greenhouse software. Processes with compliance implications are streamlined into easy repeatable workflows. AirMed tracks and logs all employee and client actions to ensure audit-readiness with comprehensive reports and analytics. Electronic signatures and full audit trails track the finished product back through the entire production and sale cycle. Automated CTLS reporting eases compliance for producers and regulatory bodies.

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Whether starting with seeds, clones or tissue culture, AirMed tracks all information about the growth cycle including environmental conditions, nutrients, and experimental criteria.

Our system also tracks receipt of new source material, propagation, the vegetative cycle, flowering cycle, harvesting, packaging, sample management, waste management, destruction events, and the preparation of facilities for each grow cycle.

Support for GS-1 barcoding eases the complexity of production, packaging, quality-assurance, inventory management, and sale & distribution.

From the moment genetics enter your facility until the product arrives at its destination, AirMed helps you manage every stage. All workflows are integrated into a single secure Cloud application ensuring data integrity and quality control while simplifying compliance.

AirMed tracks and logs every employee and client action to ensure audit-readiness, simplifying compliance for producers and regulatory bodies with reports and analytics.

Complete audit trails for every record and every action let administrators review who browsed, edited, added or deleted data anywhere in the system at any time.

Administrators can configure precise access based on an employee security profile, and electronic signatures and multi-factor authentication ensure only authorized employees can access data and complete tasks.

Detailed audit reports provide specifics on plants, destruction events, sample management, weights, and complete product traceability.

Always innovating to help our customers meet the regulatory challenges they face daily, AirMed offers an automated system for Health Canada CTLS reporting.

Full Export

Using our full export process, thousands of reported fields tracked by AirMed automatically populate the Health Canada template. Not only is the time required to complete monthly reports reduced, but the potential for human error often encountered in manual data entry is eliminated.

Summary Reports

Our CTLS summary reports breakdown key fields with links to details that identify the exact inventory records and values used to calculate totals.

License Application Support

We offer full support throughout your Health Canada license application process and provide documentation that outlines how AirMed meets Cannabis Act record keeping and good production practices requirements. You submit the documentation as part of your application. AirMed is fully compliant and regularly passes Health Canada inspections with no observations.

Audit Trails

Every action and every workflow are auditable. Comprehensive reporting offers unmatched business intelligence in this highly competitive and highly regulated industry.

Barcode Based

Supporting GS-1 barcoding, the system eases the complexity of horticultural production, packaging, quality-assurance, inventory management, and sale & distribution.

Cannabis Act

AirMed enforces checks on key safety regulations. Electronic records backed by generated printable reports/forms ensure easy Cannabis Act compliance and CTLS reporting.


State-of-the-art data-encryption algorithms assures both privacy and security to meet both Canadian and US FDA CFR 21 part 11 pharmaceutical regulations.

Data Protection

All your sensitive data is fully protected – whether in the data center or when accessed by a client, producer or retailer ensuring security, privacy and compliance.

Auto Updates

As new regulations are introduced, AirMed is updated automatically without the need for customers to apply updates or make additional customizations.