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Continuously innovating, our goal is to help you succeed by cultivating excellence in all aspects of your operation, regardless of the size or focus of your business.

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We believe that building a culture of quality is an important part of our customers' success. That has been our driving force since we started AirMed in 2014. This commitment to quality is one of the reasons AirMed was named "Best Turnkey Cannabis Management System" in the Commercial Cannabis Awards. This commitment is also why a growing list of cultivators, nurseries, processors, manufacturers and dispensaries use AirMed. Our software works for all license types and scales to all facility sizes. Click on a category to learn what features we offer for specific cannabis operations.

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Creating the highest quality products at the most affordable cost is essential for success in this highly competitive industry.

We believe AirMed has the broadest feature set in the industry complete with built-in auditing, compliance reports and inventory analytics. AirMed tracks the production of seeds, clones, plants, dried cannabis, extracted cannabis, and more. Configurable departments let you control employee access to every part of the system including menus and workflows.

Our software was designed to provide flexibility for cultivators to save time and money. Not only can you create lots and packages in any way you wish, you’re free to merge products together to create new products. Manage plants individually or perform common actions, such as moving or destroying, on multiple plants at once.

Fill orders for individual medical patients, pharmacies, and distribution warehouses using multi-level packaging and master cases. GS1 GTIN barcodes let you supply products to provincial retailers. Manage recalls and destructions with full traceability and verification.

AirMed manages the production, packaging, labelling, storage and distribution of extractions, edibles, hemp and more.

Our software offers a range of features to help processors comply with quality management, good production practices and preventive control standards. In addition to supporting compliance with federal and provincial regulatory bodies, AirMed is compliant with the USA’s FDA 21 CFR Part 11, considered one of the most comprehensive standards in the world.

AirMed offers workflows designed specifically for extractions with every action tracked and logged to ensure audit-readiness. At every step, processes with compliance implications are streamlined into easy repeatable tasks, capturing all the necessary data. With full reporting and analytics, we help you improve efficiency, provide consistent control over processes, and maintain your desired level of quality.

From reviewing nonconformance to documenting and communicating findings, AirMed offers a complete framework to establish and validate a quality assurance system. We’re committed to helping processors develop, implement and maintain PCP, GPP and QMS.

We’ve made it our business to understand the needs of micros and have developed affordable business technology for you.

Workflows, fine-tuned for the way micros operate, are quick to learn and simple to use. You can even turn off the areas of the software you’re not using to navigate the system easier. Track batches across multiple rooms, and move or harvest plants individually or in groups. Discrete units such as pre-roles and gel caps can be created and stored for later packaging or sold to other producers in bulk.

Data visualization tools provide insight of quality, yields, sales and profitability for unmatched intelligence for your small business. AirMed automates most of the work for Health Canada CTLS, StatsCan, and CRA reporting with pre-built compliance reports updated as regulations change.

AirMed micro rates give you a seed-to-sale solution that is sustainable for small operations. But our commitment to helping micros succeed doesn’t stop there. We’ve sourced hardware from our Ecosystem partners for a turn-key technology solution that provides affordable equipment to help you increase efficiency and profitability. Our service partners are available if you need help at any stage.

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We manage operations across Canada from British Columbia through to Nova Scotia and also internationally. Our customers range from micros with a few hundred square feet to large producers with multiple facilities.

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Experience & Dedication

We used our expertise in other highly regulated industries, including pharmaceutical, financial, healthcare and law enforcement, to create a mission-critical solution that facilitates compliance and best practices. Our dedication to your success results in a partnership approach to our client relationships. Wherever your business fits in the supply chain, AirMed will help you cultivate success. Below are just a few of the organizations on our client list.