Cultivate Success

with AirMed seed-to-sale business solutions

What makes AirMed special?

To begin with, we've been developing AirMed since 2014 and no other seed-to-sale platform offers the range of features we do. Don’t take our word for it — contact us for a demo to see for yourself. But we know it takes more than features to build success. It takes dedicated experts working out the best way to optimize our solution for your implementation. For proof of that, we’ll let you talk to our customers. Just ask us for a reference.

What else makes AirMed special?

We listen! That may not sound like a big deal, but our customers tell us they can rely on us to be there for them when they need help. In this rapidly evolving industry, knowledge and experience are essential. Our founders spent 25 years creating software for high-consequence industries and have assembled a team of seasoned specialists who understand the challenges you face. We go the extra mile for both large and small producers.







Introducing the AirMed Ecosystem

To help our clients cultivate success, AirMed is developing strategic partnerships with leading vendors of products and services in the Canadian cannabis industry. We've integrated AirMed with couriers, printers, scanners, ecommerce software and more. Our new AirMed Ecosystem lets you purchase hardware and software from us in a turn-key solution for your cannabis business. For more information visit our Partners page.

AirMed is the only business solution you need to manage production, sale and delivery of cannabis while meeting government regulations. Read on to find out why AirMed is the ideal solution to help you cultivate success.


From the moment genetics enter your facility until the product arrives to your client, AirMed helps you manage every stage of the process. All workflows are integrated into a single secure Cloud application ensuring data integrity and quality control while simplifying compliance.

Compliance Ready

If you are a cannabis grower, processor, researcher or distributor, AirMed is a better fit for your business than agro or greenhouse software because it offers the compliance features required by Canada’s Cannabis Act (former ACMPR). At every step, processes with compliance implications are streamlined into easy repeatable workflows, capturing the required data as part of doing business. Best practices, training and certification support each stage.

Quality Assurance

AirMed provides a complete framework to establish and validate a quality assurance system. From reviewing nonconformance to documenting and communicating findings, AirMed helps you maintain your desired level of quality. Tracking attention to detail for every process gives you total confidence in your product.

Anytime, Anywhere

AirMed gives you access anywhere and anytime, whether workers are in the office, the greenhouse, or the warehouse. Your system is accessible from a mobile device, which is ideal for even the smallest micro-producer. As a cloud platform, implementation is fast and easy. You spend your valuable time focusing on your business instead of technology.

Productivity & Profitability

The AirMed Ecosystem provides a turn-key solution with integrated hardware and software to help producers become more productive and profitable. From environmental scanning and analytics through barcoding and label printing to ecommerce and delivery, the AirMed Ecosystem provides the best the industry has to offer for your cannabis business.