Cultivate Profitability

Take your cannabis business to the next level

To succeed today, cannabis businesses need a comprehensive unified solution that provides order management, manufacturing automation, shop floor data collection, inventory costing, sophisticated reporting and business intelligence, plus real-time integration.

Let us introduce you to AirMed5:enterprise cannabis management

Re-imagined Interface

Design Tools

Quality Management

Templates & Automation

Manufacturing Support

Two-way API

Re-imagined User  Experience 

A redesigned interface uses light and dark themes for bright work areas such as grow rooms.  Navigation highlighting lets you know exactly where you are at a glance. A carousel shows actions, reports, forms and SOPs. Where applicable, infographics display more details using less screen space.

Smart Input

Work faster as auto-population, picklists and pop-ups minimize the clicks required to complete each action step

Ensure erroneous data cannot be entered with restricted quantity and date fields

Assign the room/table/container automatically by scanning using our advanced locations support

Grid Control

Customize and rearrange columns by dragging and re-order headers to the desired location

Position tables to match a user’s preference with settings saved for future sessions

Sort and group data quickly and easily with rapid searching and on-click custom report creation

Fully  Functional 

  • Dried Cannabis
  • Fresh Cannabis
  • Extractions
  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Seeds
  • Live Plants

AirMed is the only solution that covers all the Health Canada approved areas for cannabis production and sale, which includes all the products listed above. The AirMed cannabis record management system has separate production sections for extracts, edibles and topicals with workflows.

Utilize workflows designed to meet specific requirements for each product type

Manage storing extractions after processing for further processing or for blending with other materials

Track weights to five decimal places for precision and reporting

Create discrete packaging units such as pre-rolls or gel caps, as well as large bulk storage items, samples, plants and seeds

Meet GS1 standards with barcodes and configuration for tracking product cases, master cases, and pallets

Design and print labels customized for your needs from within AirMed

Medical Sales

From a simple catalog of available brands to medical client registration, secure encrypted messaging, and product purchase/fulfillment, AirMed offers a complete sales solution with unmatched simplicity and extensibility.

  • Online Catalog
  • Client Registration
  • Payment Processing
  • Delivery Integration
  • Reporting
CTLS Reporting

We’ve created an automated process to export all CTLS data into the standard spreadsheet template provided by Health Canada, reducing time and eliminating the potential for human error often encountered in manual data entry.

  • Clients
  • Practitioners
  • Referrals
  • Client Care
  • Encrypted Messaging

Design Tools:  Business Intelligence 

The long-term success of an enterprise is dependent on accurate, timely mission-critical data. Understanding the impact of production and manufacturing complexities requires an intuitive reporting platform, one with exceptional performance and customization options.

Build unlimited custom reports with access to every field available in AirMed

Access immediate, accurate and relevant data visualization using a customizable dashboard with pre-designed widgets

Configure your own system labels incorporating barcodes and graphics

Create forms with picklists, checkboxes, radio groups, custom fields and electronic signatures

Report Designer

AirMed 5 features an optional report designer to create unlimited custom reports with access to every field of data in the system.

Design and edit an infinite number of custom reports that can optionally be linked to different program areas for quick access

Select individual fields and manage master-detail relationships, cross-tab reports, table and vertical reports, and filter options

Help users understand how data was entered and stored by utilizing simple table reports

Print concise fully formatted reports as documents to address analytical requirements for management

Label Designer

Leading the industry in design tools, AirMed 5 also offers a label designer to configure your own system labels.

Configure labels exactly the way you wish

Incorporate barcodes, system data fields, labels, and graphics

Choose from dozens of barcode types

Create alternate labels for any default AirMed label

Customize every label in the system

Apply nearly unlimited formatting options

e-Form Builder

Our new form designer lets you create custom forms that access system data-sources for convenient access.

Automate workflows using custom electronic forms to prevent the need for paper-based documentation

Link forms to workflows such as plant scouting, nutrient checks, room sanitation, and shop floor data collection

Employ drop-down picklists, date & time, checkbox and radio groups, custom fields and more

Apply auto-complete, file upload, hidden input and electronic signatures

Business Intelligence Designer

Our BI Dashboard is engineered to let you spend more time on business and less on UI customization. Built to make your experience a productive one by automatically providing the best data visualization option for you, results are immediate, accurate and always relevant.

Build insightful and information-rich decision support systems using pre-designed or custom UI widgets

Choose from chart, pivot table, data card, gauge, treemap, map, grid, or simple filter elements

Manipulate dimensions or connect UI elements to fields across different data sources or data providers
Drop data fields onto corresponding arguments, values, and series

Quality  Culture 

Quality matters in a competitive world, and creating a culture of quality can be critical for success. AirMed can empower you to cultivate an environment where excellence grows. A Quality Management System (QMS) helps you provide your customers with the best you can offer while mitigating risks using tools that support Health Canada’s Good Production Practices.

Control approval workflows with one or more e-signatures, witnesses and notifications using our multi-level approvals

Record operating protocol deviations manually or automatically with comprehensive audit trails using incident tracking

Oversee inquiries with a full cycle of investigation, evaluation, resolution, corrective action, and procedures

Create, edit & track current, historical and draft versions of standard operating procedures using a built-in library and editor

Incidents & Escalations

To help you maintain quality and compliance, AirMed provides the framework for minimizing impacts and maximizing responses. We put incident control in your hands by letting you decide what generates an incident and what path your organization takes to resolution. The result? Consistent and appropriate action that can improve communication, collaboration and resiliency.

Incident Tracking

Record events that deviate from normal operating protocols or that affect compliance data in any area of the facility including plant growth, extraction, orders and fulfillment

Generate incidents automatically for certain occurrences, such as back-dating or undoing/editing specific data

Add a custom eForm to any step within an incident

Create a comprehensive audit trail for alterations to compliance data and provide auditors with a tool to examine corrections or modifications

Escalation & Investigation

Investigate any incident such as employee illness or injury, hazardous spills, deviations, non-conformance, loss or theft, recalls, vender audits, crop destruction, pests, and more

Initiate an inquiry and have it escalated to an appropriate investigator with automated message notifications

Set up automated message notifications at any point

Manage each incident through the life cycle of investigation, evaluation, resolution, corrective action, and procedure with full communication

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures are the backbone of quality management systems, and they play a critical role in ensuring consistency in processes. Written procedures, typically in the form of SOP documents, are required for many quality systems including ISO9000, EU-GMP, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and others.

SOP Library

Utilize SOPs to record the tasks, procedures, and policies followed throughout the organization

Provide workers with step-by-step instructions to help them perform their jobs successfully

Manage SOP versions automatically and present authorities with documentation for all functions during an audit

SOP Editor

Create new SOPs or modify existing SOPs without leaving AirMed using a built-in editor

Send procedures for review through an approval process

Verify changes before replacing an existing version with a new version

Workforce Management

AirMed simplifies compliance by tracking and logging every action and ensures audit readiness with reports and analytics. Employees only have access to functions and data that relates to their job responsibilities. System Administrators can only access data through approved computers utilizing a VPN connection. And AirMed offers licensing by facility size rather than by individual user to encourage producers to configure individual accounts for every worker. Our system improves quality management by allowing producers to identify gaps in employee knowledge and skills.

Optimize the system for individual workers using a clean and intuitive multi-language interface

Configure employee accounts using security profiles, user roles and departments

Assign Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) and electronic signatures for a high level of security, privacy and auditability

Determine which workers can access data and perform workflows to avoid errors

Log each action to the specific user who performed the task along with details and date/time for full accountability

Utilize multi-factor authentication along with monitored and audited system logs

Manufacturing & Production  Automation 

We’re adding support for manufacturing and production processes to help you manage bulk items, recreational products, and medical products. The new order processing in AirMed 5 offers unparalleled ease while managing complex order requirements.

Map out formulas for production based on propagating, cultivating and harvesting of successful batches using plan templates

Compile cascading activities, scheduled actions and assignments into production cycle work orders with task automation

Browse products, package sizes and available inventory, then initiate package runs and pack cases workflows in the new items table

Manage requests, planning, package assembly, shipping and verification from one screen in the re-designed order display

Items Table

Our new items table identifies all of the template information about cannabis products.

Manage packaging and master cases quickly and easily

Capture different package sizes as item variants linked including bulk packages and bulk discrete items

Create new package runs and pack cases with streamlined workflows

Synchronize with third party accounting systems

Re-designed Order Screen

The new order screen offers one location in the system where orders may be created, fulfilled, verified and shipped.

Handle requests, order planning, package assembly, and shipping from a single screen with one-step verification

Record client requirements and then determine how to produce the necessary products to fill the order

Browse available inventory from multiple lots to plan order fulfillment or create packages dynamically to fill an order

Control access and visibility of the order details based on job function using comprehensive security settings


A task in AirMed is a block of time associated with an activity. Once recorded and accumulated, a series of tasks can become a template. You can create a template for the grow cycle or for a specific process. That template can serve a work order to help manage cultivation or the manufacture of extractions, topicals and edibles.

Plan Templates

Create formulas for production after completing the cultivation, drying and packaging of a new batch

Map out the time in each grow phase based on the values from the existing plan

Attach a template to a strain so that default values can be set automatically the next time it is propagated

Calculate average number of grams per plan automatically based on batch harvest statistics

Task Templates

Automate a series of tasks required to complete a process and create a work order

Assign tasks to different departments or users with activities cascades across the entire production cycle

Link tasks using a Dynamic Gannt Chart to support complex workflows and easily edit and manage task completion dates

Capture information, compile tasks, and use the template as a work order to accomplish processes as efficiently as possible

Advanced  Integration 

To meet the unique needs of our customers, we’re offering the tools you need to communicate with other applications and leverage third-party solutions.

Application Programming Interface: A two-way API accommodates custom system integrations

Environmental Monitoring Integration: Log temperature, humidity, CO2, and hundreds of other potential conditions during the grow cycle to control processes and productivity

ERP Integration: Support for Microsoft Dynamics and other enterprise resource planning systems

Word Press Plug-in: Pull information from your AirMed software account to showcase your brands and products in an online catalog

Word Press Plug-in

Our plugin pulls information from your AirMed account to showcase your brands and products in an online catalog on your WordPress website. The plugin interfaces with our API to embed information from the AirMed database directly onto your website. Although the catalog appears on your website, all product details are stored in AirMed. Customers interacting with the product catalog remain on your website throughout the shopping experience rather than being transferred to a portal site. Patient information is encrypted by Canada’s most secure hosting facility. With support for monitored intrusion prevention and monitored firewall, your records have the highest level of protection.

Publish content stores in your AirMed database directly to your WordPress web pages

Install a simple plug-in onto your Word Press dashboard

Determine how the catalog will appear on your website using pre-designed theme options

Change the style, format, and position of catalog elements using the plugin settings and view before saving

Add a snippet of shortcode to the web page where you want your catalog to appear

Process payments by the merchant solution provider with no card data passing through AirMed

The new architecture in the AirMed5 platform will continue to grow to support more ERP functionality such as production orders, bill of materials (BOM), bin management, work centers and routing, both internally and externally to other supply chain businesses. AirMed5 is evolving into the only true ERP system designed for the cannabis industry.

For more information please call 1-887-313-2442 or use the Request Demo form linked at the top of the page.