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We help you meet compliance at every stage of the seed-to-sale process, but we also help you cultivate quality, efficiency, precision, insight and profitability.

AirMed Software Modules

AirMed is a mission-critical software platform designed to facilitate compliance and best practices for organizations operating in the legal market for cannabis in Canada. Covering all aspects of cannabis cultivation, processing, sale and distribution, AirMed is a complete seed-to-sale management solution.

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Compliance, workforce management, QMS, GPP and more

AirMed integrates all tracking and management for your business in a single application with features designed specifically for cannabis operations.

Workforce management lets you control employee access to every part of the system with configurable departments and roles. You decide which workflows workers are authorized to use to avoid errors. And if a mistake happens, a supervisor can amend the issue with a complete audit trail.

Quality Management helps you provide the best you can offer while mitigating risks using tools that support Good Production Practices and Preventive Control. We’re building a range of QMS features into AirMed including escalation & tracking, case management, multi-level vendor approval, enhanced received product management, electronic signatures, a document library and a learning management system (LMS).

  • Departments & roles
  • Employee access control
  • Quality management
  • Good production practices
  • Preventive control
  • Asset & financial management

Cultivation and processing from source material to harvest and extraction

AirMed tracks the complete plant life cycle to demonstrate compliance and produce consistent product quality.

Batches and lots use unique identifiers and let you record all required weights and attributes at each stage by batch, room, table or container. Manage plants individually for accuracy or perform actions on groups of plants to save time.

Harvest materials, including bud, shake, sugar leaf, and fan leaf, can be traced all the way back to propagation, and logs are used to assess optimal growth cycles for future cultivation.

Account for every waste item and destruction event, verifying weight, volume or count with recording of witness statements for full observance.

  • Source material
  • Plant management
  • Batches & lots
  • Extractions
  • Destructions

Quality control sampling and testing plus complaints and recalls

Whether testing in house or at an external lab, define limits and metrics for test samples so results can be easily validated with acceptable limits configured individually according to your internal standards.

Potency values from testing are assigned to the lot and any bulk or retail packages created from the lot for sale.

Track complaints and responses using client ticketing. Assign serious issues for investigation into the product, packaging or production processes, with full verification.

Perform recalls for quality or safety to remove the product from inventory, notify clients or distributors about returning or destroying supply, and inform appropriate authorities.

  • Sampling
  • Laboratory testing
  • Product release control
  • Complaints
  • Recalls

Complete management of inventory, packaging and warehousing

Track raw materials from the moment they enter your facility until they are ‘consumed’ in your production processes.

Use strains and brands to define your unique cannabis inventory items and create a product catalog that includes price and potency.

Manage packaging runs with weight/count accuracy, timing, inventory control and traceability. Discrete units such as pre-roles and gel caps can be created and stored for later packaging or sold to other producers in bulk.

Support for SKU and GS1 barcoding lets you supply to other licensed producers and to provincial distributors.

  • Brands & strains
  • Inventory control
  • SKUs
  • GS1
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing

Retail and wholesale orders plus the medical application process

AirMed manages both retail and wholesale ordering including returns from individual clients or from organizations. Retail sales feature a shopping cart, coupon application, and payment processing through ecommerce integration. Wholesaling supports purchase orders.

Our full patient application and approval process offers both quick and expanded registration depending on conditions. Validation is available for medical sales. A client can have multiple registrations and the system will track the running totals for the prescription usage.

Client care features include a ticketing system for client interactions, tracking communication between clients and your customer service. The system employs an internal encrypted messaging system for all client correspondence.

  • Clients & organizations
  • Applications
  • Practitioners
  • Orders
  • Returns

Tracking of all receivables plus both retail and wholesale distribution

Track received material with a verification process to approve materials prior to making them available to production with retention of import permits, declarations, export permits and waybills.

Log source materials (seeds, unrooted tissue cultures), plants (clippings, clones, rooted tissue cultures, plants), dried cannabis (bulk packages), extracts and oils (bulk and packaged) and production consumables (grow media, fertilizer).

Automatically create a shipment record after an order is paid and validated. Connect directly to the courier and print the resulting shipping label to streamline the shipping process and enable a tracking URL to be linked.

  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Retail shipments
  • Wholesale shipments
  • Sample shipments

Comprehensive compliance and business intelligence reporting

Our reporting system covers all organizational operations and can manage multiple facilities with data partitioned for each operation. Numerous views of your inventory combine to create a complete picture of the current state of all material.

AirMed pulls required information for CTLS reports, and sub-reports detail how the data was derived. Using our full export process, thousands of fields tracked by AirMed automatically populate the standard spreadsheet template provided by Health Canada. Compliance reports are updated when regulations change, so they automatically have what regulators want now.

Built-in report and dashboard analytics designers provide customized business intelligence to monitor trends, costs, and mine the data you are collecting in real time.

  • Hundreds of pre-built reports
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Full CTLS export
  • Automatic updates
  • Built-in report designer

Quality & Excellence

We believe that building a culture of quality is an important part of success. Creating quality products at the most affordable cost is essential in this highly competitive industry. We’re constantly looking for ways to help you succeed by exploring new technology and best practices. We regularly adapt our software to provide solutions to all the challenges you face.