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StratCann, an online news publication, has published a profile of AirMed. Stratcann covers the evolution of the legal cannabis industry in Canada and around the world, publishes news, company features and brand profiles.

The profile features quotes from our president and CEO, Justin Hearn, and our Director of Research and Development, Shane Nielsen.

One quote from Hearn read, “When showing our software to prospective clients, they are always blown away by how much information AirMed provides.”

Nielsen elaborated, “Users quickly discover all the different ways they can use the vast amount of information that we track to give them an edge in their business.”

The article concluded with a quote from Hearn, “Solutions like AirMed will need to feature more ERP-related functionality to manage production planning including routing through external organizations… Software solutions will need to evolve from record-keeping compliance to cannabis industry-specific ERP platforms.”

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If you’d like to learn more about AirMed, please visit our software page: AirMed Software

AirMed Welcomes 2022

AirMed Canada Systems Inc. was founded in 2014. That makes AirMed one of the oldest seed-to-sale software companies in Canada (and possibly the oldest).

This year, 2022, is our eighth in business. We’ve seen many changes in the cannabis industry in those years.

The Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) was replaced by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) in 2014. The ACMPR was then replaced by the Cannabis Act in 2017. The decriminalization of cannabis in Canada evolved into legalization in 2018.

While not the first country to legalize cannabis for recreational use, Canada was the largest at the time and seen as the leader in legalization. The world watched as our country scrambled to get a new industry up and running.

Huge amounts of capital flooded in as investors jumped on what they expected to be a gravy train. But the train ran slower than many predicted, and in the retail cannabis world, the train behaved more like a rollercoaster.

Along the route, some cannabis-related businesses went public, others merged or were acquired. Many start-ups derailed without gaining any ground.

To date, hundreds of cultivators and processors have been licensed in Canada, rather than the thousands that were anticipated. But of those, more than 100 are using AirMed to manage their seed-to-sale processes.

AirMed is proud to have been one of the first on the cannabis industry train in Canada. With a philosophy of steady managed growth, our company continues to operate at a sustainable level. As the train moves forward, whether slow or fast, AirMed is committed to staying onboard.

Happy New Year!