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Record keeping is an essential part of Health Canada’s compliance regulations. From the advent of legal medical marijuana in Canada, legal producers of cannabis have been required to track every seed, rooted plant, gram of waste material, final dried product, as well as interactions with customers and more. Due to the sheer volume of information, an electronic record-keeping system is the only practical way to manage the process. The software industry has responded to this need by creating seed-to-sale management software systems designed to help producers track their operations and report to Health Canada to meet compliance.

To help you through the process of purchasing seed-to-sale software in the Canadian Cannabis marketplace, we’ve produced a 20-page guide that answers the following questions:

  • What is a seed-to-sale software solution and why do I need one?
  • How do I choose one software platform over another?
  • What should I be looking for in the software?
  • How does the software fit into my business?
  • How is my data stored and secured?
  • What happens if regulations change?

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AirMed Seed-to-Sale Software Buyer’s Guide

Alberta Loosens Cannabis Regulations

Alberta is changing provincial cannabis regulations to “give retailers more time to focus on their business, while ensuring health, safety, and security remain a top priority.”

The Alberta government made the announcement in December 2023 in a media release titled, “Reducing red tape for cannabis retailers.”

On January 31, 2024, the following improvements to the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation will come into force:

  • Licensed cannabis retailers can operate temporary sales locations at adults-only events like trade shows and festivals.
  • Cannabis retailers can keep their products in locked display cases when the store is closed rather than moving everything into a secured storage room at the close of every business day.
  • Restrictions are removed on sales and transfers between cannabis retailers and to further allow Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis to establish resale markup limits.

Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction, was quoted as saying, “We’ve been looking at the cannabis market to determine what’s working, what needs to be improved, and what’s redundant or unnecessary while protecting public health and safety. These changes are the result of our latest work to help curb the illegal cannabis industry and continue providing choices Albertans can trust.”

Stratcann, one of Canada’s cannabis news platforms, reported, “…a media representative for the AGLC tells StratCann that the ‘policies and processes to support cannabis licensees who are interested in operating temporary sales locations are in development and will be shared with cannabis stakeholders prior to the implementation date.’”

The CBC reported, “In Edmonton and Calgary, city bylaws already allow smoking or vaping cannabis at outdoor festivals and public events, but only in designated areas. And in those cases, selling cannabis on site isn’t allowed… The changes will allow licensed cannabis retailers to set up temporary sales at adults-only events, like trade shows and festivals. They also ease some of the restrictions around how store owners can transfer product between different locations and lift the requirement to store product in a secure area off the shop floor while the store is closed.”

Cannabis in Alberta is regulated by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) ministry.

AirMed Named Most Innovative Cannabis Management Software Company

Innovation in Business magazine has named AirMed “Most Innovative Cannabis Management Software Company” in the Technology Innovator Awards for 2023.

This awards program celebrates the outstanding achievements of businesses in the dynamic world of technology. “Innovation in Business recognizes the paramount importance of acknowledging the remarkable contributions made by businesses in the ever-evolving technology sector.”

“We’re proud to receive this Technology Innovator Award,” said Justin Hearn, president and CEO of AirMed Canada Systems. “Innovation is one of the driving forces behind AirMed. Recognition like this is an acknowledgement of the hard work we put into anticipating and meeting our industry’s needs.”

On behalf of all the staff at AirMed, we’d like to thank Innovation in Business for honouring us with this award. We’d also like to thank our customers who motivate us to give them the best we can.

To read about our award at Innovation in Business visit:

To read the media announcement about the Technology Innovators winners for 2023, visit:

To see what we’re doing that helped us win this award, visit our AirMed 5 page.

For more information about all our awards, visit our About page.

Important Cannabis Council of Canada Excise Tax Request

Cannabis Council of Canada surveyed licensed producers and has released their findings in a report that you can access here:

But that’s not the end of this story. In fact, it’s just the beginning. CCC announced that after bringing their excise tax survey results to Ottawa during the Grass on the Hill Summit last month, the Department of Finance wants to learn more.

“The Department of Finance would like to get a deeper understanding of how excise tax impacts License Holders’ financial positions, and how different rate models can help the long-term viability of our sector.”

This is where you come in.

CCC is asking Health Canada License Holders who pay excise tax to provide the Canadian government with a confidential look at their financials for 2022. Note that deadline to respond: November 30, 2023.

For details and to access the CCC excise model spreadsheet use the contact information below before the November 30 deadline!

Email CCC directly at hello @

If the email link doesn’t work, visit the Cannabis Council of Canada website for contact information:

MJBizDaily Publishes Series on Government Funding for Canadian Producers

In the first article of a series, MJBiz Daily reported “More Canadian cannabis companies are tapping government funding sources to finance research and other projects as private-sector capital has become harder to come by.”

That article, written by MJBiz Daily International Editor Matt Lamers, was published September 28, 2023 with the title “Canadian cannabis companies tap government funding programs.”

Lamers wrote, “MJBizDaily found that more than 3 million Canadian dollars ($2.2 million) worth of federal funding was provided to almost two dozen companies over the past year, according to the government’s Grants and Contributions portal.”

The second article, published October 3, 2023, reported that “Cannabis-related agricultural businesses based in Alberta are eligible for provincial funding under two programs if they meet certain requirements, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation told MJBizDaily.”

The latest installment, published November 16, 2023, reported that the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food explained via email that “federally licensed and commercial cannabis production is eligible for many of its programs and services.”

The author wrote, “Federally licensed cannabis producers in British Columbia are eligible to apply for a host of government programs, some of which provide funding, including the provincial portion of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership.”

Industry Leaders Attend Global CanExec Summit

The annual Global Cannabis Executive Summit was held last week at The Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

Justin Hearn, President and CEO of AirMed Canada Systems, was invited to the summit to provide a software vendor perspective.

“This summit featured panels of C-suite executives from many leading Canadian cannabis companies,” Hearn said. “The organizers curated frank and productive discussions about the state of the industry and many of the current challenges. Hats off to an excellent event.”

This invitation-only event was attended by decision-makers from leading producers with 90+ percent of the speakers holding C-suite roles.

The 4th Annual Global Cannabis Executive Summit will be held October 27-28, 2024 in Toronto.

For more information about the past or upcoming event, visit

In the News Five Years After Cannabis Legalization in Canada

This month marked the fifth anniversary of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, and news outlets offered various views on the results so far. While some of the articles discussed the challenges and struggles facing the industry, others looked at different aspects.

CTV News reports that “Five years after cannabis legalization, 64 per cent of Canadians are in support of the move.” The article published on the CTV News website was about the results of an online survey conducted by Research Co. “Support for the legalization of marijuana is highest among Canadians aged 55 and over (66 per cent),” Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. said in a press release. “The proportions are lower among those aged 35-to-54 (56 per cent) and those aged 18-to-34 (48 per cent).”

The Canadian Medical Association Journal published “Outcomes associated with nonmedical cannabis legalization policy in Canada: taking stock at the 5-year mark.” This scholarly article reported, “Cannabis legalization in Canada appears not to have been the public health disaster anticipated by some of its opponents, but it cannot be described as a comprehensive or unequivocal success for public health either.”

The Royal Gazette published “Canada and cannabis at Year 5,” which focused on three major aspects: the cannabis market, public health and social justice. “Canadian experience demonstrates there have been problems that must be responded to. But the ending of criminalisation that especially burdened Indigenous and Black people, the creation of a legal market providing untainted cannabis — the strength of which is clear — and the confronting of the illicit one that makes vast sums of money, pays no taxes and has no regard for the quality of what it sells must weigh heavily in the balance.”

AirMed CEO Invited to Global CanExec Summit

Held annually, the Global Cannabis Executive Summit is a B2B conference designed for executives with leadership roles in the cannabis industry. This invitation-only event is attended by decision-makers from leading producers with 90+ percent of the speakers holding C-suite roles.

Justin Hearn, President and CEO of AirMed Canada Systems, has been invited to participate in the summit, being held this year on October 30 and 31 in Toronto.
While most attendees at this event represent producers, the organizers invited Hearn to provide a software vendor perspective.

“We have clients ranging from large producers to micros plus processors and dispensaries,” said Hearn. “As a result, we work with a cross-section of the industry and are aware of the challenges being faced. In addition to staying ahead of the regulations to ensure our users have the tools to meet compliance, we also try to anticipate what our clients will need in the future to remain competitive. This gives us a broader view of the industry and a distinct perspective that we can share with the CanExec audience.”

This is an in-person event being held October 30-31, 2023 at The Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

For more information about the event, visit

Grow Up Conference in Victoria a Success

Grow Up Conference and Expo returned to Victoria BC last week with over 120 high-level industry speakers, 90+ exhibitors and thousands of delegates together on Vancouver Island.

Grow Up Conference is a true B2B cannabis event that focused on cultivation, extraction and psychedelics for industry professionals.

Read the Times Colonist coverage of the event here:

This in-person event was held October 1-3, 2023 at the Victoria Convention Centre in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada.
For more information visit:

Cannabis Prospect Interviews AirMed CEO Justin Hearn

Cannabis Prospect interviewed AirMed Canada Systems Inc. president and CEO Justin Hearn for an article published on the magazine’s website on May 15, 2023.

In the feature, titled “How AirMed is Helping Canadian Cannabis Producers Cultivate Success,” Hearn discussed the ways AirMed software is adapting to the changing market conditions.

“Our new AirMed 5 version focuses on streamlining data entry and improving quality management and profitability for cannabis operations… We’ve modelled the workflows on commonly accepted manufacturing procedures and terminology incorporating task-based work orders that let organizations precisely track the costs incurred for running their facilities.”

Hearn goes on to say, “AirMed is adapting its software to support increased insight as well as new strategies to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the bottom line.”

Read the full interview here:

Download a PDF of this article: Cannabis Prospect Justin Hearn Interview PDF

For more information on AirMed 5, visit:

Congratulations Headstone Finalist in 2023 Canadian Cannabis Championship

On March 21, 2023, the Canadian Cannabis Championship named 13 Flower Finalists — and AirMed client Headstone Cannabis has made the list.

The CCC competition is being held in conjunction with the Grow Up Conference & Expo happening May 28-29, 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta.

“The top flower finalists include industry leaders such as Great Gardener Farms, Truth Holdings, Distinkt Cannabis, Headstone Cannabis, Stewart Farms, North 40 Cannabis, JustFire, Black Rock Cannabis, Palm Gardens, Northside Grow Co., Origine Nature, Vertical 7, and Into the Weeds.”

Judging will take place at the conference on May 28 with winners announced live on Tuesday, May 30.

For more about the Canadian Cannabis Championship, click here:

For more about Grow Up, click here:

For more about Headstone Cannabis, click here:

Read about AirMed in the Commercial Cannabis Awards Booklet

If you read our earlier post, then you know that AirMed has been recognized for a second time in the Commercial Cannabis Awards. This time AirMed was named “Cannabis Management Software Company of the Year.”

Now you can read all about AirMed and why we were given this award in an article in the CCA Awards Booklet. The profile features an interview with AirMed’s CEO, Justin Hearn.

Sponsored by Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Magazine, the Commercial Cannabis Awards programme aims to promote and award the globe’s leading businesses and individuals who remain at the forefront of an industry enjoying sustained growth.


For those willing to look for gaps in the marketplace as AirMed has, the future holds great potential. Hearn and his team embody the pioneering mindset that aims to make a positive impact on the whole industry.

“The new features in AirMed are designed to give producers the tools they need to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of cannabis production and sale in Canada — and around the world,” says Hearn. “We will continue to respond directly to customer issues and industry trends to support greater performance, productivity and profitability.”

The awards booklet was published this March and is available on the GHP CCA website (find us on page 6): CCA 2022 Awards Booklet

Find a full list of winners in the 2022 awards here: CCA 2022 Winners

Learn more about the GHP Cannabis Awards here: GHP CCA Awards

If you’d like to learn more about AirMed and why it was given this honour, please visit our software page: AirMed Software

And drop by our Customers page to see how we are helping businesses just like yours: AirMed Customers

Canadian Cannabis: State of the Industry Report

The industry analysts at Ernst & Young have published a state of the industry report for the Canadian cannabis industry. Covering until the end of 2022, this report was “intended to highlight the key issues facing the cannabis industry and provide the supporting evidence.”

The executive summary highlights:
1. Successes of legalization;
2. Key issues facing the industry;
3. Key implications and takeaways, and
4. Future policy considerations

The methodology used to create the report including secondary and primary research to identify high-level successes and issues since inception of the Cannabis Act.

Another Commercial Cannabis Award for AirMed!

FEBRUARY 7, 2023

We’ve done it again! AirMed has been recognized for a second time in the Commercial Cannabis Awards. This time AirMed was awarded “Cannabis Management Software Company of the Year.”

Sponsored by Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Magazine, the Commercial Cannabis Awards programme aims to promote and award the globe’s leading businesses and individuals who remain at the forefront of an industry enjoying sustained growth.

Read about AirMed in last year’s awards magazine here:

Learn more about the GHP Cannabis Awards here:

If you’d like to learn more about AirMed and why it was given this honour, please visit our software page: AirMed Software

And drop by our Customers page to see how we are helping businesses just like yours: AirMed Customers


The awards booklet has been published! Find a full list of winners plus a link to the booklet with our profile (page 6) here: CCA 2022 Awards

Download a PDF of our profile in the awards publication: AirMed GHP CCA Award for 2022 Profile

Read about Great White North Growers in Cannabis Prospect Magazine

AirMed client, Great White North Growers, has been profiled in a feature article in the December 2022 edition of Cannabis Prospect magazine.

The article, titled “The French Connection: How Great White North Growers Became Synonymous with Quebec Cannabis” features an interview with company co-founder George Goulakos.

The author writes, “In a few short years, Great White North Growers has gone from a licensed producer of its house brand and 514 Cannabis to a powerhouse working with over 30 growers in the province to get its products in SDQC stores.”

In the interview, Goulakos describes his company’s history, business model and future plans. “My partner Peter Schissler and I realized that there was a fantastic opportunity in this exciting new industry, and we decided to get in early… We were one of the first Licensed Producers in Quebec to be granted all Health Canada licenses and saw an opportunity to assist Quebec-based micro cultivators bring their products to market… Our mission is to be a proud Canadian company with strong values and a social conscience.”

To read the full article visit:

For more information on Great White North Growers, visit:

Cannabis Prospect Magazine is Canada’s premier trade publication for cannabis industry professionals. Cannabis Prospect Magazine showcases the people and companies forging this new industry with articles written by industry experts and advisors that make up this new and dynamic marketplace. For more information visit:

Read about AirMed client Rogue Processing at Stratcann

AirMed client Rogue Processing has been profiled on Canada’s legal cannabis news platform, StratCann.

The article features Graham Taylor, the President and CEO of Rogue Processing, which is located in Niverville, Manitoba, about 20 km south of Winnipeg. Rogue offers state-of-the-art co-packing services to Canadian cannabis companies looking for a client-focused, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and tech-savvy alternative to current service providers.

“It’s sustainable not only because we’re using more environmentally friendly packaging, it’s also a more financially sustainable model where customers keep more profits in their pocket allowing them to…grow their business.” Graham Taylor

Stratcann covers the evolution of the legal cannabis industry in Canada and around the world, publishes news, company features and brand profiles.

To read the full Rogue Processing profile on the Stratcann website visit:

For more information on Rogue Processing, visit:

Media Marks the Fourth Anniversary of Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Yesterday, October 17, 2022, was the fourth anniversary of the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Canada legalized cannabis on October 17, 2018. Since then, there have been many changes to the cannabis landscape, but some say we need even more reform.

The media took the opportunity to mark the day with reviews of the progress, criticisms of the process and calls for improvement.

Stratcann, an online news publication covering the evolution of the legal cannabis industry in Canada and around the world, chronicled Canadian legalization.

Read the article here:

The Toronto Sun claimed, “Still much to iron out on fourth anniversary of Canada’s legalization of cannabis.”

Read the article here:

MJBizDaily, a news source for the cannabis industry in the US and Canada, published that “Canadian marijuana businesses pitch reform on legalization’s 4th anniversary.”

Read the article here:

The Toronto Star declared that Canada’s cannabis producers say they’re in crisis.

Read the article here:

B.C. Enables Cannabis Farm-to-gate Sales

The Province of British Columbia announced last week that it will introduce a new cannabis retail licence that will allow eligible federally licensed cannabis producers to sell non-medical cannabis products from stores located at their cultivation site.

The producer retail store (PRS) license is expected to go into effect on November 30, 2022.

Standard cultivators, micros and nursery licence-holders will be eligible to apply through the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch’s (LCRB) liquor and cannabis licensing portal.

The media release published on the Province’s website reads, “This licence was created as part of the Province’s commitment to enable farm-to-gate cannabis sales in British Columbia… This launch follows the recent opening of the first farm-gate cannabis facility in B.C. in Williams Lake, which was a result of the government-to-government agreement between the Province and Williams Lake First Nation.”

B.C. currently has 212 federally licensed cannabis producers, which includes 74 micro-producers.

To read the full media release visit:

Information about cannabis regulation in B.C.:

Information about the Buy Legal campaign:

Licensed cannabis producers and retail stores in B.C. interested in participating in direct delivery can find information on the program’s website:

Information about the BC Indigenous Cannabis Product (BCICP) program:

Government of Canada Launches Cannabis Act Review

On September 22, 2022, the Government of Canada announced the launch of a legislative review of the Cannabis Act.

The announcement stated, “Parliamentarians recognized the need for an early assessment of the Government’s new approach to cannabis control, and included a provision requiring a review in the Act. The review will help ensure that the Act adapts to the current situation and continues to meet Canadians needs and expectations.”

An independent panel of experts will lead what is being called a credible and inclusive review. “The Panel will provide independent, expert advice to both Ministers on progress made towards achieving the Act’s objectives, and will help identify priority areas for improving the functioning of the legislation.”

In conjunction with the legislative review, an online engagement process has been launched.

All Canadians are invited to read Taking Stock of Progress: Cannabis Legalization and Regulation in Canada.

Read here:

Canadians are also encouraged to share their views via the online questionnaire or through written feedback until November 21, 2022.

Take the survey here:

You can also read the original announcement on the Government of Canada website.


Read about AirMed client Craft Kings at Stratcann

AirMed client Craft Kings has been profiled on Canada’s legal cannabis news platform, StratCann.

The article features Tye Harlock and Kyle Windle, co-founders of Craft Kings, and their approach to micro cultivating at their facility in Sooke on Vancouver Island.

“I really do believe that the industry is going to be heavily reliant on craft. So that’s what we’re focused on. It’s what we know how to do, and the people buying it seem to agree. We just want to keep finding new strains to bring them, and to keep getting better.”

Stratcann covers the evolution of the legal cannabis industry in Canada and around the world, publishes news, company features and brand profiles.

To read the full Craft Kings profile on the Stratcann website visit:

For more information on Craft Kings, visit: