Important Cannabis Council of Canada Excise Tax Request

Cannabis Council of Canada surveyed licensed producers and has released their findings in a report that you can access here:

But that’s not the end of this story. In fact, it’s just the beginning. CCC announced that after bringing their excise tax survey results to Ottawa during the Grass on the Hill Summit last month, the Department of Finance wants to learn more.

“The Department of Finance would like to get a deeper understanding of how excise tax impacts License Holders’ financial positions, and how different rate models can help the long-term viability of our sector.”

This is where you come in.

CCC is asking Health Canada License Holders who pay excise tax to provide the Canadian government with a confidential look at their financials for 2022. Note that deadline to respond: November 30, 2023.

For details and to access the CCC excise model spreadsheet use the contact information below before the November 30 deadline!

Email CCC directly at hello @

If the email link doesn’t work, visit the Cannabis Council of Canada website for contact information:

MJBizDaily Publishes Series on Government Funding for Canadian Producers

In the first article of a series, MJBiz Daily reported “More Canadian cannabis companies are tapping government funding sources to finance research and other projects as private-sector capital has become harder to come by.”

That article, written by MJBiz Daily International Editor Matt Lamers, was published September 28, 2023 with the title “Canadian cannabis companies tap government funding programs.”

Lamers wrote, “MJBizDaily found that more than 3 million Canadian dollars ($2.2 million) worth of federal funding was provided to almost two dozen companies over the past year, according to the government’s Grants and Contributions portal.”

The second article, published October 3, 2023, reported that “Cannabis-related agricultural businesses based in Alberta are eligible for provincial funding under two programs if they meet certain requirements, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation told MJBizDaily.”

The latest installment, published November 16, 2023, reported that the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food explained via email that “federally licensed and commercial cannabis production is eligible for many of its programs and services.”

The author wrote, “Federally licensed cannabis producers in British Columbia are eligible to apply for a host of government programs, some of which provide funding, including the provincial portion of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership.”

Intro to AirMed5 Booklet

We’re so excited about the upcoming release of AirMed5 that we’ve created a booklet describing the new software in detail. This document covers all the features in the initial release.

  • Re-imagined interface and user experience
  • Fully customizable tables with custom columns
  • Built-in report, label and e-form designers
  • Business intelligence designer
  • SOP library with built-in SOP editor
  • Automated QMS incident management
  • Task-based workflows with support for task templates and automated task scheduling
  • Product plans
  • Simplified packaging and shipping

To receive a PDF of this booklet by email, please send a request to sales @ or fill out one of our request demo contact forms.

In the meantime, visit our AirMed 5 web page.

Industry Leaders Attend Global CanExec Summit

The annual Global Cannabis Executive Summit was held last week at The Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

Justin Hearn, President and CEO of AirMed Canada Systems, was invited to the summit to provide a software vendor perspective.

“This summit featured panels of C-suite executives from many leading Canadian cannabis companies,” Hearn said. “The organizers curated frank and productive discussions about the state of the industry and many of the current challenges. Hats off to an excellent event.”

This invitation-only event was attended by decision-makers from leading producers with 90+ percent of the speakers holding C-suite roles.

The 4th Annual Global Cannabis Executive Summit will be held October 27-28, 2024 in Toronto.

For more information about the past or upcoming event, visit

In the News Five Years After Cannabis Legalization in Canada

This month marked the fifth anniversary of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, and news outlets offered various views on the results so far. While some of the articles discussed the challenges and struggles facing the industry, others looked at different aspects.

CTV News reports that “Five years after cannabis legalization, 64 per cent of Canadians are in support of the move.” The article published on the CTV News website was about the results of an online survey conducted by Research Co. “Support for the legalization of marijuana is highest among Canadians aged 55 and over (66 per cent),” Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. said in a press release. “The proportions are lower among those aged 35-to-54 (56 per cent) and those aged 18-to-34 (48 per cent).”

The Canadian Medical Association Journal published “Outcomes associated with nonmedical cannabis legalization policy in Canada: taking stock at the 5-year mark.” This scholarly article reported, “Cannabis legalization in Canada appears not to have been the public health disaster anticipated by some of its opponents, but it cannot be described as a comprehensive or unequivocal success for public health either.”

The Royal Gazette published “Canada and cannabis at Year 5,” which focused on three major aspects: the cannabis market, public health and social justice. “Canadian experience demonstrates there have been problems that must be responded to. But the ending of criminalisation that especially burdened Indigenous and Black people, the creation of a legal market providing untainted cannabis — the strength of which is clear — and the confronting of the illicit one that makes vast sums of money, pays no taxes and has no regard for the quality of what it sells must weigh heavily in the balance.”

What We Heard Report

The federal government released a report that summarizes what a “five-person expert panel has heard over the past year as it engaged with almost 500 stakeholders in nearly 90 meetings across Canada.”

The report, titled “What We Heard,” describes the scope of the engagement and summarizes the responses in several categories including: public health, impact on young persons, impact on First Nations and more.

Read about the expert panel and review here:

Read the report here:

Stratcann summarized the report in an article published on their website on October 10, 2023, the same day the report was released.

Read the Stratcann article here:

Global News followed up the release of the report with an in-depth article on the state of the cannabis industry in Canada. In the feature published on October 16, 2023, Global News offers commentary by several experts including George Smitherman, president and chief executive of the Cannabis Council of Canada.

Read the Global News article here:

AirMed CEO Invited to Global CanExec Summit

Held annually, the Global Cannabis Executive Summit is a B2B conference designed for executives with leadership roles in the cannabis industry. This invitation-only event is attended by decision-makers from leading producers with 90+ percent of the speakers holding C-suite roles.

Justin Hearn, President and CEO of AirMed Canada Systems, has been invited to participate in the summit, being held this year on October 30 and 31 in Toronto.
While most attendees at this event represent producers, the organizers invited Hearn to provide a software vendor perspective.

“We have clients ranging from large producers to micros plus processors and dispensaries,” said Hearn. “As a result, we work with a cross-section of the industry and are aware of the challenges being faced. In addition to staying ahead of the regulations to ensure our users have the tools to meet compliance, we also try to anticipate what our clients will need in the future to remain competitive. This gives us a broader view of the industry and a distinct perspective that we can share with the CanExec audience.”

This is an in-person event being held October 30-31, 2023 at The Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

For more information about the event, visit

Grow Up Conference in Victoria a Success

Grow Up Conference and Expo returned to Victoria BC last week with over 120 high-level industry speakers, 90+ exhibitors and thousands of delegates together on Vancouver Island.

Grow Up Conference is a true B2B cannabis event that focused on cultivation, extraction and psychedelics for industry professionals.

Read the Times Colonist coverage of the event here:

This in-person event was held October 1-3, 2023 at the Victoria Convention Centre in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada.
For more information visit:

Grass on the Hill 2023: Oct 16-18 in Ottawa

Join the Cannabis Council of Canada in Ottawa for the annual Grass on the Hill Summit & Lobby Day. Bringing together leaders from across the cannabis sector, this is a fantastic opportunity to grow your network and make your voice heard in Ottawa. Meet with decision-makers, connect with other leaders in the cannabis sector and celebrate 5 years since cannabis legalization.

For more information on the Cannabis Leaders Summit & Industry Lobby Day visit:

Don't Miss Grow Up Victoria this Sunday!

Grow Up Conference is a true B2B cannabis event that is designed for industry professionals rather than the consumer market.

Join your peers in the Canadian cannabis industry in majestic Victoria British Columbia for three days of cannabis cultivation, psychedelics and extraction.

Grow Up Conference and Expo features over 120 high-level industry speakers, 90+ exhibitors and thousands of delegates together on Vancouver Island.

This in-person event is scheduled for October 1-3, 2023 at the Victoria Convention Centre in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada.
For more information visit:

Redesigned Order Screen in AirMed 5

Manage order requests, order planning, order assembly, and shipping from one screen. After releasing a planned order to production, verify order items in one step.

Once you have entered the customer requested products and quantities, browse available inventory from multiple lots to plan the order fulfillment.

The new order processing in AirMed 5 offers unparalleled ease while managing complex order requirements.

Manage products and different package types using the new Items table. Items and Item variants let you easily browse and manage products, different package sizes and available inventory.

Create new package runs and pack cases with streamlined workflows. Manage bulk items, recreational products, and medical products.

For more information on these new features or to book a demo of AirMed to see them for yourself, click the Request Demo button at the top of the page or use any of the contact forms.

In the meantime visit our Software page.

Science of Cannabis Testing Online Symposium Sep 13

Analytical Cannabis Magazine is hosting an online symposium titled Exploring the Cannabis Science and Testing Landscape on 13 September 2023.

This is the 7th annual cannabis testing symposium, which is an exclusive gathering designed specifically for cannabis scientists and researchers.

“This industry-leading event brings together experts and innovators in the field to shed light on the hottest topics and emerging trends in cannabis testing lab practices.”

This online symposium will cover:

  • Method development for hemp fibers
  • Auditing to combat cannabis misinformation
  • Quantification of psilocin and psilocybin in psychedelic mushrooms
  • Streamlining cannabis potency processes
  • Identifying heavy metal sources in cannabis and hemp
  • Standards and methods to help quantify impurities in cannabidiol derived phytocannabinoid products

Analytical Cannabis is a leading cannabis science publication for scientists, technicians, and business professionals working in the cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics industries.

Canadian Cannabis: State of the Industry Report

The industry analysts at Ernst & Young have published a state of the industry report for the Canadian cannabis industry. Covering until the end of 2022, this report was “intended to highlight the key issues facing the cannabis industry and provide the supporting evidence.”

The executive summary highlights:
1. Successes of legalization;
2. Key issues facing the industry;
3. Key implications and takeaways, and
4. Future policy considerations

The methodology used to create the report including secondary and primary research to identify high-level successes and issues since inception of the Cannabis Act.