Fully customizable tables in AirMed 5

AirMed 5, being released throughout 2023, utilizes a new grid control with customizable columns and options for viewing, sorting, searching, and grouping data in tables.

Tables can be rearranged to match a user’s preference, and settings are saved for future sessions. Columns can be re-ordered by dragging the header to the desired location. Columns displayed in the grid can be controlled by a settings button where additional columns can be dragged on or off the control from a column chooser. Grids can be sorted by clicking the column headers — or the entire grid can be sorted.

Rapid searching for content in the grid is available with the search box where matching content is conveniently displayed.

For clients who have the optional report designer, select grid controls can be used to create a custom report with one click allowing for simple rapid report creation based on live system data.

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Optional Business Intelligence Designer in AirMed 5

The upcoming release of AirMed includes a business intelligence designer with customizable dashboard.

AirMed 5 offers a new optional business intelligence designer that helps you focus on what matters most: your data.

AirMed provides pre-designed dashboard widgets, but for those who wish to edit or create new widgets, the BI Dashboard is engineered to let you spend more time on business logical and less on UI customization.

Whether it’s manipulation of individual chart series, specifying a pivot table’s dimensions or connecting UI elements to fields across different data-sources or data providers, the BI Dashboard designer is built to make your experience a productive one.

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Custom e-Form Builder in AirMed 5

One of the new design tools in AirMed 5 that is being released this quarter is form designer, which lets you create custom electronic forms that access system data-sources.

Clients can create custom electronic forms to help automate workflows preventing the need for paper-based documentation throughout their facilities.

Custom e-forms offer multiple field types such as drop-down picklists, date & time, checkbox and radio groups, custom fields and more. Features include auto-complete, file upload, hidden input and electronic signatures.

Users can create and incorporate e-forms in any area of the system. Electronic forms related to plant scouting, nutrient checks, room sanitation, and shop floor data collection can be created easily and linked to workflows for convenient access.

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New Optional Label Designer in AirMed 5

Leading the industry in design tools, AirMed 5 includes a label designer to configure your own system labels. This new tool can print barcodes, GS1, data matrix and many other types of labels.

Fine control over formatting lets you configure labels exactly the way you wish. Every label in AirMed can be customized with precision control for unlimited formatting options.

When AirMed 5 is released in early 2023, the label designer is one of several new design tools that will be optional for clients.

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New Optional Report Designer in AirMed 5

The long-term success of an enterprise is dependent on accurate, timely mission-critical data. Understanding the impact of production and manufacturing complexities requires an intuitive reporting platform, one with exceptional performance and customization options.

AirMed 5, due out early in 2023, features an optional report designer to create unlimited custom reports with access to every field of data in the system. This report designer lets you create and edit an infinite number of custom reports that can optionally be linked to different program areas for quick access.

Users can select individual fields to include in the report and then add powerful options to manage master-detail relationships, crosstab reports, table and vertical reports, and powerful filter options.

Concise fully formatted reports can be printed as documents to address analytical requirements for management, while simple table reports can help users understand how data was entered and stored.

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The AirMed Two-way API

AirMed 5, currently in the final stages of development, includes a two-way application programming interface (API) for custom system integrations with room sensors, accounting systems, QMS systems, ERP systems, point-of-sale (POS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and environmental monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring Integration

Temperature, humidity, CO2, and hundreds of other potential conditions can be logged during the grow cycle to control processes and productivity.

We’re adding integration for environmental sensors and nutrient monitoring with support for different sensor companies based on customer requirements.

Lighting schedules, HVAC settings, nutrient mixes, and foliar applications are tracked to improve current and future outputs.

ERP Integration

We are currently working on support for Microsoft Dynamics, and additional ERP systems will be added on a per-customer request basis.

For more information on these new features or to book a demo of AirMed to see them for yourself, click the Request Demo button at the top of the page or use any of the contact forms.

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SOP Library & Editor in AirMed 5

When released in early 2023, AirMed 5 will offer management for standard operating procedures with a built-in SOP editor as part of the new Quality Management System (QMS).

A new SOP library with automated version management lets you track current, historical and draft versions of standard operating procedures used in your facility.

A built-in SOP editor lets you create or edit document content and formatting without leaving AirMed. Users can modify SOPs, send for review and employ an approval process to verify changes before replacing an existing SOP with a new version.

For more information on these new features or to book a demo of AirMed to see them for yourself, click the Request Demo button at the top of the page or use any of the contact forms.

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Templates & Automation in AirMed 5

Smart Input Fields

When AirMed 5 is released in early 2023 it will include a number of new automation features and templates to help you work more efficiently.

Plan Templates

Plan templates are designed to help create formulas for production. For instance, after completing the cultivation, drying and packaging of a new batch, a Batch Plan template can be created to map out the time in each grow phase based on the values from the existing plan. In addition, the average number of grams per plant can be automatically calculated based on the batch harvest statistics. Once a batch plan is created, it can be attached to a strain so that the next time it is propagated, the default values can be automatically set.

Work Order Task Templates

AirMed 5 features a comprehensive task template with activities or scheduled actions available to automate a series of tasks required to complete a process. A task in AirMed is a block of time associated with an activity.
Once recorded and accumulated, a series of tasks can become a template. You can create a template for the a grow cycle or a specific process. That template can serve a work order to help manage cultivation or the manufacture of extractions, topicals and edibles.
Tasks can be assigned to different departments or users with activities cascaded across the entire production cycle. For example, if a template is associated with a strain, future propagation events will automatically schedule the tasks related to cultivation, harvesting, packaging, and more. Tasks let you capture information, compile them, and use the template as a work order to accomplish processes as efficiently as possible.

For more information on these new features or to book a demo of AirMed to see them for yourself, click the Request Demo button at the top of the page or use any of the contact forms.

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Quality Management in AirMed 5

Multi-level Approvals

AirMed 5 includes the option to record eSignatures and lets you create an approval workflow with one or more signatures required for a given activity.
Approval workflows can include a single signature or one or more unique signatures plus optional witnesses. When an individual is tasked with electronically signing for an approval, a notification is sent through the AirMed internal messaging system. Within the message is a quick link to the location where the eSignature is required.

QMS Incident Tracking

A new incident management system lets users record incidents that deviate from normal operating protocols or that affect compliance data. Incident tracking can be used in any area of the facility including plant growth, extraction, orders and fulfillment.

Incidents can be automatically created when certain events occur, such as back-dating or undoing/editing specific data. AirMed creates a comprehensive audit trail for any alteration made to compliance data and provides auditors with a tool to examine corrections or modifications.

Escalation & Investigations

Escalation of specific types of incidents can be automated using message notifications. Users can initiate an inquiry related to an incident and have it automatically escalated to an appropriate investigator.
Investigations could be related to any incident such as employee illness or injury, hazardous spills, deviations, non-conformance, loss or theft, recalls, vender audits, crop destruction, pests, or any other incidents. AirMed manages each incident through the cycle of investigation, evaluation, resolution, corrective action, and procedures.

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New Design Tools in AirMed 5

Report and Label Designer

Leading the industry in design tools, AirMed 5, due in the first quarter of 2023, will include an optional report and label designer. This powerful tool lets you design your own reports that can be accessed throughout the software.

Business Intelligence Designer

With our new optional Business Intelligence designer, customers will be able to build their own widgets and attach them to relevant areas throughout the system.

Custom Form Builder

A new form designer will let you create custom forms that access to system data-sources. Custom forms include drop-down lists, custom fields, data & time fields, electronic signature fields, checklists and more.

For more information on these new features or to book a demo of AirMed to see them for yourself, click the Request Demo button at the top of the page or use any of the contact forms.

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Redesigned Interface in AirMed 5

AirMed will get a completely redesigned interface with the release of AirMed 5 at the beginning of next year. AirMed 5 will have light and dark themes for use under bright lights in work areas such as grow rooms. When using the dark theme, less light is reflected from the screen to limit oversaturation from dark text on a light background.

The new look and feel will make it easier to process the information on screen and navigation lets users see where they are in the application at a glance. Infographics are being incorporated where applicable to display more details using less screen space.

We’re minimizing the number of clicks required to complete each step in a process. The actions menu is extended with a carousel, and a new grid control offers new options for viewing, sorting, searching, and grouping data. Columns can be rearranged to match a user’s preference, and settings are saved for future sessions.

And there’s so much more.

For more information on these new features or to book a demo of AirMed to see them for yourself, click the Request Demo button at the top of the page or use any of the contact forms.

In the meantime, visit our Software page.

AirMed Sales Interface

From a simple catalog of available brands to medical client registration, secure encrypted messaging, and product purchase/fulfillment, AirMed offers a complete sales solution with unmatched simplicity and extensibility.

Online Catalog

Our proprietary WordPress plugin embeds information from the AirMed database directly onto your website.

You simply install a plugin into your WordPress dashboard and add a snippet of shortcode to the page where you want your catalog to appear. The shortcode pulls product information directly from your AirMed database, complete with images, descriptions and pricing. Customers interacting with the catalog remain on your website throughout the shopping experience rather than being transferred to an embedded portal site.

To support non-WordPress platforms, an API is available for direct integration into websites, ecommerce systems, and other software systems.

Payment Processing

Online sales functionality includes a shopping cart, coupon application, and payment processing with ecommerce integration. AirMed currently supports credit card payments made through Realex by Global Payments.

Delivery Integration

AirMed can automatically create a shipment record after an order is paid and validated. Connect directly to the courier and print the resulting label to streamline the shipping process and enable a tracking URL to be linked.

And there’s so much more in AirMed to support online catalogs and sales.

To learn more about our online features and how AirMed supports medical sales, contact us to request an info sheet by using one of the contact forms or by emailing: info @ airmed.ca

To see these features for yourself, click on the Request Demo button at the top of any page.

Coming Soon: AirMed 5

Many additions and enhancements have been made to AirMed since it was launched. Some were to keep up with regulations; others were to help you work faster and more efficiently.

Empowered by innovation and engineered for excellence, AirMed already covered every aspect of cultivation, processing, packaging, and distribution.

Now, trend-setting features are being added to AirMed to offer ERP-level functionality with production orders and comprehensive task management for software with new dimensions.

AirMed 5 is due for release the beginning of 2023 and highlights include:

  • Re-designed interface includes dark mode for bright grow rooms
  • Automation and task templates increase productivity
  • Industry-first report, label and form designer
  • Robust business intelligence designer to create graphical widgets for custom dashboards
  • New quality management tools

These features and more are waiting in the near future for AirMed and for our clients around the world.

Creating quality products at the most affordable cost is essential in this highly competitive industry. We believe that building a culture of quality is an important part of our success and yours.

Our award as “Best Turnkey Cannabis Management System” in the Commercial Cannabis Awards is evidence of that. AirMed was also nominated in the 2022 O’Cannabiz Awards in two categories: Best Software and Best Innovative Technology.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. Constantly looking for ways to help you succeed, we explore new technology & best practices and regularly adapt our software to provide solutions to all the challenges you face.

Watch for future posts to find out more about what’s in store for AirMed in 2022 and beyond.

To book a demo to see these new features yourself, click the Request Demo button at the top of the page or email

In the meantime, learn about AirMed’s current features and functionality by visiting our Software page.

AirMed nominated for two O'Cannabiz Awards

We’ve been nominated in the O’Cannabiz Awards as Best Software and Best Innovative Technology!

Hosted by the producers of the O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo, the awards program is designed to recognize excellence and innovation in our industry.

Between now and May 14, 2022, anyone can vote on which nominees will win in the O’Cannabiz Awards. To vote you need to register for free on the O’Cannabiz website. Once registered, you can go back to vote any time before the deadline, but registered voters can only vote once in each category (see list below).

An awards gala will be held during the O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo on June 1st, 2022 in Toronto to honour cannabis professionals and companies.

Please vote for AirMed in the Best Software and the Best Innovative Technology categories by registering at:

To learn more about the conference & expo, visit: https://ocannabiz.com/

O’Cannabiz Awards categories

Attorney of the Year
Best Activist/Advocate of the Year
Best Budtender
Best Business Consultancy
Best Cannabis Clinic
Best Cannabis Nutrients Product
Best Customer Service
Best Disinfection and Pest Control Services
Best Engineering Firm
Best Extraction Equipment
Best Extraction Facility/Toll Processing
Best Growing Medium
Best Home Grow Package
Best HVAC & Ventilation Systems
Best Hydroponics System
Best Innovative Technology
Best Lab Equipment
Best Lab Testing Facilities
Best Lighting Systems
Best Marketing Campaign
Best new Start-Up
Best News Source
Best Packaging Design
Best Packaging Equipment
Best POS/CRM Software
Best PR/Advertising Agency
Best Retail Chain
Best Retail Interior Design
Best Security Service
Best Seedbank
Best Software
Best Storefront Branding
Best Supplier/Distributor
Best Top Retail Store (Single Location)
Best Trimming Equipment
Best Water Filtration System
Brand of the Year
Cannabis Person of the Year
Favourite Accessory
Favourite Capsules, Extracts, Concentrates
Favourite CBD & Topicals
Favourite Edible Product
Favourite Flower
Favourite Infused Beverages
Favourite Product of the Year
Favourite Retail Store or Medical Clinic
Favourite Vaporizer
Green Deed(s) Award
Licensed Producer of the Year
Medical Cannabis Professional of the Year
Outstanding Educator or Institution of the Year
Scientific Researcher or Facility
Social Media Influencer of the Year

New reports in AirMed keep pace with marketplace

AirMed has the most comprehensive reporting in any cannabis management system. To ensure that our reporting keeps pace with changes in regulations and the cannabis marketplace, we regularly update our reporting system and add new reports.

Industry analysts and market researchers agree that edibles are the future of cannabis as consumer preferences shift from away from smoking.

Seattle-based data-analytics firm Headset examined sales from the US and Canada and reported “…overall edibles sales grew by more than 20%…”

According to a different report titled Cannabis Edible Products Market Report, “The aversion to smoking is one of the main factors that has led to the significant growth of cannabis-infused edibles over the past years.”

MJ Biz Daily reported that “The outlook for edibles is considered bullish among industry executives… Industry executives said consumers around 30-45 years old especially seem to be entering the cannabis market via edibles.”

To support the addition of edibles and topicals functionality in AirMed earlier this year, we added new CTLS data reporting. We also updated the existing CTLS Full Export function to include the totals from the main CTLS reports.

The release of edibles and topicals functionality in tandem with supporting CTLS reporting lets users manage entire edible and topical inventory data in AirMed and also export data into a pre-populated CTLS monthly report using the CTLS Full Export function. This vastly improves the inventory tracking capabilities for edibles and topicals and can save users valuable time in monthly reporting.

AirMed is working hard to support consumer trends so cannabis producers and processors can meet the needs of the marketplace.

The “Cannabis Edible Products Market Report” can be found at: https://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/5529328/cannabis-infused-edible-products-market-growth

The Headset “Cannabis Product Trends” report can be found at: https://www.headset.io/industry-reports/the-most-popular-cannabis-product-trends-in-the-us-canada

Read more from MJ Biz Daily on the edibles market here: https://mjbizdaily.com/led-by-gummies-edibles-keep-pace-with-growth-of-overall-us-marijuana-market/

To learn more about AirMed reporting visit: https://airmedcloud.com/software/#report

For a demo of AirMed’s reporting features, click the Request Demo button at the top of the page or use the contact form in the footer. You can also call us directly at 1-877-313-2442.

Quality Management and AirMed

Constantly innovating to help our clients, we have a host of features in development for our seed-to-sale software. One of the most significant improvements currently in development for AirMed is built-in Quality Management.

A Quality Management System (QMS) can help your organization mitigate regulatory risk by providing the tools you need to meet the requirements and standards for Health Canada’s Good Production Practices. But risk reduction is not the only benefit of QMS. You can also improve efficiency, provide consistent control over processes, and much more. As a result, we’re building a range of QMS features into AirMed including the following.

  • Escalation and Tracking: Escalation and tracking will be available for use in any area of the facility such as plant growth incidents, extraction incidents, order and fulfillment incidents.
  • Vendor Approval Process: A multi-level approval process will be supported for new vendors who supply products.
  • Enhanced Received Product Management: New features are being added for received product quarantine, testing and release for use. The new functionality will support having certain received products undergo QA to ensure they match specifications. QA results can be uploaded to support this workflow.
  • SOP Management: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are critical to QMS, and we will be adding SOP management for current and historical SOPs with auto-versioning to track changes in procedures.
  • Electronic Signatures: Electronic signatures will be available for workflows such as destruction, sanitation, and processes that need approval from a responsible person in charge.
  • Case Management for Plant Issues: With new support for both SMS and MMS notifications, a grow tech concerned about a plant will be able to send a photo to the head grower for instant review.

We’re working hard to meet shifting customer needs and market demands in the Canadian cannabis industry, turning your feedback into important product advancements. AirMed seed-to-sale business solutions go beyond compliance to help licensed producers cultivate success.

If you’d like to read about Canada’s Good Production Practices for Cannabis, visit https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/cannabis-regulations-licensed-producers/good-production-practices-guide.html

For more information about AirMed visit our software page.

If you have specific questions or would like a free demo of AirMed, please contact an AirMed sales representative by filling out one of our contact forms or calling 1-877-313-2442.

Software Validation for Cannabis Processors

One of the challenges for cannabis processers is that regulations require them to validate their extraction practices. In many cases, those practices involve the use of software. Therefore, any software used in relation to production must be validated along with the practices.

As tracking production reliability is an important part of meeting compliance, most tracking involves the use of software.

Software vendors are responsible for ensuring the software the sell works as described. But, validating that software is the responsibility of the processor. Why? Because every organization operates differently, and validation must be done in relation to actual production practices.

If you are using AirMed as your system-of-record, you will need to validate our software as it is used in your facility.

AirMed helps you through the validation process by providing test scripts that can be used to validate each task in the workflows that relate to extraction processes. These test scripts show what the software was designed to do, how the software should be used for that specific task and what the end result should be.

We can provide you with a validation report outlining how we meet software vendor compliance. Our validation report details how our software complies with security, privacy and accessibility requirements. AirMed software has been designed to not only meet compliance with Canada’s Cannabis Act but also to support and comply with Federal and Provincial privacy legislation and regulations (PIPEDA, PIPA, PHIPA, PHIA). AirMed also meets the standards outlined in the US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, which many other specifications are based on.

Our internal procedures have been through an external vendor audit for the pharmaceutical industry and passed with no observations.

If you’d like to learn more about good production practices for cannabis in Canada, the Government of Canada has published GPP guidance information here: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/cannabis-regulations-licensed-producers/good-production-practices-guide/guidance-document.html

For more information on how AirMed helps you meet compliance, visit our Compliance page or our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you’d like to discuss your specific needs, please give us a call at 1-877-313-2442 or use one of the contact forms to start the ball rolling.

Managing Extracts, Edibles & Topicals in AirMed

For those wishing to process extracts, edibles and topicals, AirMed offers comprehensive features dedicated to these classes of cannabis.

Extracts, edibles and topicals are categorized as special classes of cannabis due to the unique public health and safety risks they present. As a result, these cannabis products have specific requirements pertaining to their formulation, production and composition.

Health Canada licensed processors have a broad base of data management needs to maintain compliance and accurately complete the monthly CTLS report. AirMed has developed a full range of functionality to meet those needs.

As with all elements of our system, comprehensive tracking and reporting is available. AirMed tracks and reports on every aspect of processing with specific fields for managing extracts, edibles, and topicals as well as their materials and lots.

Access to the AirMed software functionality that manages these cannabis classes is controlled on a user-by-user basis. Workforce management in our software utilizes configurable departments and job roles to control which workflows workers are authorized to use. You determine who is given rights to these production areas based on the needs of assigned job roles.

The AirMed cannabis record management system has separate production sections for extracts, edibles and topicals with workflows designed specifically to meet their requirements

AirMed offers workflows for storing extractions after processing for further processing or for blending with other materials and more. Weights are tracked to five decimal places for precision and reporting.

Packaged products can be sold individually to medical clients or as packaged products to recreational users.

Packaging features in AirMed include the ability to create discrete units such as edible gummies or gel caps, which can be recorded individually in groups or as bulk packages.

Packaging of discrete units can be one discrete unit in a package, multiple discrete units in a package, or bulk discrete units in a bulk package for either storage or to sell as bulk units to another licensed producer.

All labels are produced and created from within AirMed and can be customized to your needs.

To facilitate the sale of products to provincial warehouses, AirMed offers GS1 barcoding and configuration for tracking product cases and master cases.

Inventory management in AirMed is designed to provide a centralized view of your current stock levels of all products to help control costs, manage planning, and forecast with extensive reporting tools.

Shipping is easy with built-in functionality and integration with Purolator services.
Each field related to extractions, packaging, discrete units, samples, and order fulfilment is automatically included by AirMed in Health Canada CTLS and CRA monthly reporting.

With more stringent requirements for these cannabis classes comes a greater need for control and risk mitigation. Quality management (QMS) helps you provide the finest you can offer while reducing risks.

To give our clients the best chance of cultivating success, we’re building a range of QMS features into AirMed to support Good Production Practices (GPP) and a Preventive Control Program (PCP).

No other cannabis record management system offers the breadth of functionality, ease of use, and comprehensive features to cover all classes of cannabis and help you control cost.

  • Dried cannabis
  • Fresh cannabis
  • Cannabis plants
  • Cannabis plant seeds
  • Edible cannabis
  • Cannabis extracts
  • Cannabis topicals

To read about the Health Canada requirements related to processing cannabis extractions, edibles and topicals, read the guidelines at: Government of Canada.

For more information about the features in AirMed, visit our Software page.

To schedule a free demo of AirMed, please use the button at the top of the screen or fill out any of the contact forms.

And if you’d like to learn more about any of the features mentioned, give us a call at 1-877-313-2442.


Role-based Management in AirMed

Role-based management in AirMed helps control employee access to the software system.

Actions within AirMed are linked to roles. When you assign a role to an employee, you allow access to those actions.

Employees can be assigned to the roles that correspond to the requirements of their jobs. Employees not assigned to specific roles are prevented from accessing the associated workflows.

For example, if a staff member is new and working in cultivation, you can create a role that only provides access to certain actions in the Source Material, Batch, and Lot Details screens. All other action items will not be visible. This lets you restrict access to parts of the system, based on a user’s job function within your organization.

AirMed has several roles defined by default, but you can create as many roles as required. You can also edit or rename existing roles to match your organization’s workflows. Within each role you can specify which actions are associated.

For more information about how roles can help you manage employee access, contact us today by using one of the contact forms or by calling 1-877-313-2442.

For more information on how AirMed helps you business, visit our Software page or our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you’d like to discuss your specific needs, please give us a call at 1-877-313-2442 or use one of the contact forms to start the ball rolling.

AirMed is still 100% Canadian owned

As US corporations buy up seed-to-sale software companies in Canada, AirMed is still 100% Canadian owned.

AirMed was created in 2014 to help Canadian licensed producers meet compliance at all levels of government. Continuously innovating since then, we believe that building a culture of quality is an important part of our customers’ success. This commitment to quality is why a growing list of cultivators, nurseries, processors, manufacturers, and dispensaries use AirMed.

We rely on industry requirements and customer feedback to drive AirMed development, rather than investor pressure. We encourage our users to tell us what matters most to them in a cannabis management system. This feedback helps guide us in adapting AirMed to improve efficiency, productivity and user experience.

Our goal is to provide a responsive solution that not only meets customer needs but anticipates them, regardless of the size or focus of your cannabis business. That has been our driving force for nearly eight years.

Contact AirMed for a demo today to see what homegrown can do for you. Call us at (877) 313-2442 or use the contact form in the footer of this page.

For more information about AirMed, visit our About page or our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you’d like to have a conversation about AirMed, please give us a call at 1-877-313-2442 or use one of the contact forms to start the ball rolling.