Smart Input Fields

When AirMed 5 is released in early 2023 it will include a number of new automation features and templates to help you work more efficiently.

Plan Templates

Plan templates are designed to help create formulas for production. For instance, after completing the cultivation, drying and packaging of a new batch, a Batch Plan template can be created to map out the time in each grow phase based on the values from the existing plan. In addition, the average number of grams per plant can be automatically calculated based on the batch harvest statistics. Once a batch plan is created, it can be attached to a strain so that the next time it is propagated, the default values can be automatically set.

Work Order Task Templates

AirMed 5 features a comprehensive task template with activities or scheduled actions available to automate a series of tasks required to complete a process. A task in AirMed is a block of time associated with an activity.
Once recorded and accumulated, a series of tasks can become a template. You can create a template for the a grow cycle or a specific process. That template can serve a work order to help manage cultivation or the manufacture of extractions, topicals and edibles.
Tasks can be assigned to different departments or users with activities cascaded across the entire production cycle. For example, if a template is associated with a strain, future propagation events will automatically schedule the tasks related to cultivation, harvesting, packaging, and more. Tasks let you capture information, compile them, and use the template as a work order to accomplish processes as efficiently as possible.

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